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Law Firm Ecury | Crouch conducts a general practice and as such we do not limit ourselves to certain fields of law when we accept a case.  To follow are the most common areas of law that we focuss on.

Liability And (Social) Insurance Law

We give advice on, for example, liability resulting from damages from unlawful acts or omissions, disputes regarding compensation, coverage by insurance companies, personal injury and medical treatment disputes with the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and/or the National Health Insurance (AZV).

Attachment and Execution Law

We give advice on, for example, prejudgment garnishments and seizures under foreclosure, garnishments, prejudgment attachments and disputes on the enforcement of verdicts.

Civil Servants and Administrative Law

Disputes against the government concerning, for example, inter alias promotions, wage classifications, disciplinary measures, decisions on dismissal, transfers, pension plans, building permits, naturalization, unlawful government acts and procedures under the State Ordinance Admission and Deportation (LTU).

Labor Law

We give advice on, for example, employment contracts and conditions of Collective Labor Agreements, dismissal permit procedures, interlocutory proceedings related to continued payment of wages or the invoked nullity of the dismissal, dissolving of labor agreements,  actions to recover back wages, termination agreements and preparation on internal rules.

Corporate Law

We give advice on, for example, the appropriate legal forms, incorporation and liquidation of a corporation, share transfers, disputes with (other) partners and shareholders and director’s and officer’s liability.

Insolvency Law

We give advice on, for example, moratorium on payments, bankruptcies, administration and plans for distribution of payment.

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Intellectual Property Law

Registration of products and trademarks, domain names, copyright designs, and logos.

Criminal Law

We look after the interests of a suspect from the moment that the pre-trail confinement phase commences.

Law of Obligations

We give advice on, for example, general terms and conditions, non-conformity issues, agreements and compliance with contracts.

Landlord and Tenant Law

We give advice on , for example, the drafting and/or evaluation of lease agreements, determination of the rent, termination through the Housing Commission, interlocutory proceedings to vacate or for payment of back rent and rent disputes concerning business accommodations.


We take care of collections, preparing court petitions, preparing attachments and preparing payment arrangements.

Family Law

We give advice on, for example, divorces, parental authority, living expenses, alimony, visitation arrangements, divisions of estates, changes of name, placements under guardianship, refusal to recognize a child, nullity of acknowledgement, adoption, presumption of death and inheritance.

Interim Management  Services

To help companies either fill a gap in a senior management position or set up their operations or run a company on an interim basis, Ecury | Crouch  is pleased to offer its interim management to companies irrespective of the industry.

Our Interim Management Services Include:

1. Turnaround – This includes rehabilitating and recovering business and divisions that are underperforming and making then effective, efficient and profitable again.

2. Deluxe gap solution – this includes fulfilling critical gaps cuased by the absence and/or departures of executives. Basically this part should be seen as either leaving your business in a very safe pair of hands and with an eye to leaving a sound environment upon departure and/or filling the gap you have when starting a new venture this includes performing all that is necessary from an operational perspective to opening up your business, running it for a short period and handing it over to a qualified manager.

Furthermore we are able to offer training on customer service and leadership.

Terms And Conditions

Our general terms and conditions are applicable upon all services rendered by our firm and its employees and includes a limitation of professional liability. Our terms and conditions may also be viewed at our offices.

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