About Us

Advocating for the Aruban society and entrepreneurs since 1992

Law firm Ecury & Crouch was founded in 1992, when mr. M.M.M.C. Ecury, among others, laid the foundation of the then office Gibson, Duncan, Koeijers & Fingal. Since that time, the office is characterized by a distinct reputation and tradition within the Aruban society.

How we work

We have a general practice. This means that you can come to us with any legal issue. We look after the interests of both individuals and companies and organizations. Based on sustained relationships of trust, our attorneys-at-law work quickly and decisively towards an effective solution to any legal problem.

At Ecury | Partners you can count on a careful and accurate processing of your case. We can always receive you within a short period of time. At Ecury | Partners the (legal) problem is discussed during a personal conversation. We can quickly arrive at the essence of the case based on our legal knowledge and experience. Complicated legal issues are also approached in a comprehensible way. Based on the nature of the case and your priorities, the attorneys will select the best solution after evaluating the various options.

Our Team

Monique Ecury, LL.M.

Attorney at Law


Zamira J.E. Paesch, LL.M.

Attorney at Law – Compliance Officer



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